Wedding Hair That’s Braidtastic!

Braids are experiencing a surge in popularity right now and are definitely a great way to add some romance to your wedding hair.

No longer just for little girls, athletes or Pippi Longstocking, braids can be sophisticated, playful or add a bit of bohemian flair.

Here are some of my favorite takes on braided wedding hair:

The braided bangs:


While the photo above is an example of a pretty simple braided bang (great for beach or farm weddings!), you can definitely get more complex and create a “halo” effect.

Photo: GoodHousekeeping

Another modern take on braids is the fishtail braid. This braid can look super funky or truly bohemian, depending on how it is styled.


It looks similar to a French braid, but uses a different technique which creates a look much like a fish tail (hence the name).


One of my absolute favorite ways to style a braid is in an up-do – especially since there are just tons of ways to do it.


I adore the way the braid in the photo above was twisted into an elegant bun. It adds so much dimension and would look beautiful with a flower, sparkly clip or fascinator.

This braided up-do puts a spin on the traditional French braid:



Have you seen a braided style that you’re dying to try? Please share a link or photo in the comments.